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Betsey Johnson

Betsey JohnsonBetsey Johnson has been a fashion force to be reckoned with for 45 years and she is still going strong. Known for following her own set of rules, Betsey Johnson celebrates exuberant, over the top designs that show flair, surprise, and originality.

Betsey Johnson eyewear is witty and whimsical with strikingly bold colors, shapes and patterns that show that eyewear fashion can and should be fun. With a unique sense of style and design, the eyewear collection appeals to the inner wild child and the adult appreciation for style, craftsmanship and expression.

Adding a touch of mystery and passion to your personal style, Betsey Johnson eyewear brings your inner flair to life. Inspired by punk rock and the underground art scenes that influenced Betsey and helped to shape her life, the Betsey Johnson eyewear collection is made for girls and women who aren’t afraid of showing off their fun and funky side.