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Prescription Eyeglasses for Sharp Sight

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We are experienced experts when it comes to optimizing your prescription eyeglasses in Norfolk, VA, so they work for all of your daily needs. No matter what your vision condition – nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia – we’ll ensure you see as clearly as possible.

In addition to performing a detailed eye exam to confirm your visual acuity, our optometrist will ask you questions about your hobbies and day to day tasks. Depending on what you do, we’ll recommend various treatments and lens coatings to clarify your vision and protect your eye health. Our staff is committed to serving you with the best vision possible, and we’ll assist you patiently until you’re completely satisfied with how you see. At Southern Eyecare Associates, there’s never any rush to make a hasty decision about your eyewear in Norfolk!