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Real Stories, Real Results: Scleral Lenses Reviews

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Read about the life-changing experiences of patients who found clarity and comfort with scleral lenses. Learn how scleral lenses can transform your vision.

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Vision Transformed: Five Personal Experiences

At our eye care center, we believe in the power of scleral lenses to bring about incredible changes in the lives of our patients. Here are five inspiring stories from individuals who have experienced remarkable improvements in their vision and quality of life with scleral lenses.

Crystal Clear Vision and Comfort All Day

How has your vision been since switching to scleral lenses?

It has been very clear, a lot better than my soft contacts and a lot more comfortable all day. My favorite thing is that I can tell that my vision is corrected as perfectly as it can.

Sclerals: Life-Changing Clarity

How Sclerals Changed Your Life?

In middle school, I was diagnosed with Astigmatism and wore contact lenses, but in college, I started having issues and was diagnosed as having the early stages Keratoconus. I went to a lot of eye doctors, tried a lot of contacts, and eventually I underwent a corneal transplant. The surgery was not successful, and my vision remained as it was before surgery. Driving at night was no longer something that I could do because of blinding glare. Scleral Lenses literally changed my life, I didn’t know what I was missing.

A Dramatic Change in Night Driving

How did your life change when you got scleral lenses?

It changed dramatically, I am a traveling nurse, driving early morning and late at night. I can now drive at night and the lights don’t bother me, It has helped me tremendously for my job. I have been wearing sclerals for over 3 years and I could never go back to regular hard contacts.

A New World of Detail

What is your history before sclerals?

I was a keratoconus patient, I first had a corneal transplant on one eye and then the other. Did you try contacts after corneal transplant? I did but after 2 hours they hurt too much. Tell me the difference in your vision? There are no words to articulate, when I look at people I see detail like never before, it is like night and day.

From 20/50 to 20/25 Vision

Tell us what your vision was like with your old contacts?

I had 20/50 vision with contact lenses, and now I can see 20/25 and I have gone down on my reading glasses from 2.0 to 1.5. And the great part is I can’t even tell I have anything in my eyes. The biggest thing about sclerals is keeping them clean and taking care of them.

Female Smiling Wearing Sunglasses

Let’s Write Your Scleral Lens Success Story Together

Dr. John Dragon has helped patients from Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and all across Virginia find clarity and comfort with scleral lenses. Contact us to embark on your own journey to improved vision.