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Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus, Dry Eyes, and More
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Explore the benefits of scleral lenses for keratoconus, astigmatism, dry eyes, and other eye conditions. Get a personalized fitting for ultimate comfort and clear vision.

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Scleral Lenses: A New Perspective on Vision Correction

When traditional eyeglasses fall short in addressing unique eye conditions like keratoconus, severe dry eyes, or astigmatism, it's time to consider scleral lenses. These innovative lenses offer clarity and comfort, transforming how you see the world.

Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus: Crystal-Clear Vision

Keratoconus, characterized by a cone-shaped bulge in the cornea, can wreak havoc on your vision. Standard glasses won't suffice, but scleral contact lenses provide the perfect solution. These lenses rest gently on the sclera, ensuring sharp and comfortable vision without any contact with the cornea.

Relieving Severe Dry Eyes with Scleral Lenses

If you're battling the discomfort of severe dry eyes, scleral lenses can be life-changing. These custom-designed lenses correct your vision and serve a therapeutic role by keeping your eyes well-lubricated. Say farewell to discomfort, redness, and itching, and welcome clear and soothing vision.

Astigmatism? Scleral Lenses Have You Covered

Whether you're dealing with congenital astigmatism, post-refractive surgery issues, or corneal procedures, scleral lenses are your reliable ally. They enhance visual clarity and comfort while providing continuous hydration to your eyes, even in the case of irregular corneal curvature.

Myopia, Presbyopia, and Scleral Lenses

Severe nearsightedness or farsightedness is no match for scleral contacts. They can also be tailored as multifocal lenses for presbyopic patients, effectively correcting both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Enjoy the comfort of scleral lenses securely positioned on your eyes.

Mini Scleral vs. Full-Size Scleral Lenses

While all scleral lenses rest on the sclera, Dr. John Dragon customizes the fit to your unique needs. Some may benefit from mini scleral lenses with a few millimeters of clearance, while others find full-sized lenses more suitable, especially for pronounced corneal irregularities.

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Begin Your Scleral Lens Journey Today

If you're facing challenges like keratoconus, astigmatism, or dry eyes, it's time to explore the possibilities of scleral lenses. Schedule a consultation with Dr. John Dragon at The Scleral Lenses and Keratoconus Center of Southern Eyecare Associates. Dr. Dragon will assess your condition, explain your options, and provide a specialized scleral lens fitting for ultimate visual clarity and comfort.

Contact The Scleral Lenses and Keratoconus Center of Southern Eyecare Associates to embark on your journey to clear and comfortable vision.

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