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Your Vision Deserves Care Comprehensive Eye Exams in Norfolk

Discover what to expect during a comprehensive eye exam at our Norfolk optometry clinic. We offer thorough vision and eye health evaluations using cutting-edge technology.

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Evolving Vision

Individualized Vision Care

Much like an annual checkup with your family doctor, your eyes require a yearly examination to ensure clear vision and to detect potential sight-threatening eye conditions. Southern Eyecare Associates offers convenient office hours from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm, making it easy to schedule comprehensive eye exams that fit your busy life.

Unveiling the Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our comprehensive eye exam at Southern Eyecare Associates goes beyond checking your vision. Dr. John Dragon will delve into your medical history, inquire about your family history concerning diseases or health issues, and explore your lifestyle and current medications. This holistic approach uses state-of-the-art optometry equipment and technologies to provide a complete view of your overall health, which enables us to craft a personalized eye care plan tailored exclusively for you.

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Children's Eye Exams

At Southern Eyecare Associates, we understand that different stages of childhood require specific eye care and eyewear solutions. Toddlers, school-age children, and adolescents each have unique eye care needs.
Undiagnosed and untreated eye diseases and visual skill deficiencies can adversely affect your child's ability to thrive. Be sure to catch up before your child falls behind in school; schedule a pediatric eye exam with our Norfolk eye doctors at Southern Eyecare Associates today.

Duration of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye exams at Southern Eyecare Associates are thorough and can take up to one hour to complete. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your vision and eye health to ensure your eyes function at their best, allowing you to enjoy life fully. Since every patient is unique, should any eye conditions requiring treatment be detected, we'll create a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Dr. John Dragon may perform various tests based on your case, including:

Visual Field Test | Refraction Exam | Binocular Vision Assessment | Color Evaluation | Eye Pressure Test | Peripheral Vision Assessment | Digital Retinal Imaging | Corneal Mapping | OCT Scan | Visual Acuity Test

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Preparing for Your Eye Exam at Southern Eyecare Associates

Here's what to expect during your eye exam:

If it's your first visit, provide a comprehensive medical history, including medications and family vision issues.
Discuss changes in medical history.
Undergo various vision and eye tests.
Our eye doctors might dilate your pupils for a thorough examination.
Have an open conversation about eye health and vision correction.
Address any severe vision complications and protective measures.

Advanced Eye Care Technology

At Southern Eyecare Associates, we take pride in offering eye exams using the latest cutting-edge optometry technology to ensure your eye health is in expert hands.